True “next gen” marketer who gets the data and tech as well as the old school fundamentals.
— Chief Marketing Officer, Shutterstock
Very smart digital marketing
with deep knowledge of and passion for marketing technology.
— SVP of Consumer Digital Products & Platforms, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Understand how to position a product so that it truly appeals to the desired audience.
Bold marketing leadership.
— Digital Marketing Manager, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Rare gem among Marketing Technologists.
Leadership in every sense of the word.
— Director of Delivery, Shutterstock
Few people seem to ‘get it’ like Jason does.
— SVP of Business Development, Ingrained Media
Truly an asset in a world where everyone is operating at high speeds.
— Marketing Consultant, Criteo
Extremely detail-oriented marketing executive leadership with unique skill in managing complexity.
Organization skills trump most that I have seen over the years.
— President & Co-Founder, Qello Concerts
Insight, dedication and integrity are second to none.
Everyone wants to work with leaders like Jason.
— SVP Managing Director, Encore Marketing International
See through to the heart of a problem and figure out unique solutions.
— SEO Strategist, Roundabout LLC
Consistently tackles challenges creatively and has abundant strategic insights.
Commitment to meeting deadlines and completing tasks thoroughly and efficiently is unparalleled.
— Director of Product Management, American Express
Impact on our business was tremendous.
Transformed and enhanced our customer’s experience from his first day on the job.
— VP & Senior Counsel, American Express