How Marketing Models Should Stack Up


How to build marketing models and make them work together…So how many customers can you upsell in your next campaign? How many cancellations can you expect? How can you convert content recommendations into sales? What lifetime value can you expect for each new customer you acquire?…For each one of these questions, there is a model to give you an answer. But how many models do you need? And how do you manage the stack of models? The concept sounds neat. The execution can be messy…Detailed thoughts in this DMNews article featuring Growth Marketing Advisors…Read More…

Inside View of MarTech from Vendor & Client Side (Podcast)

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Think the grass is greener on the other side? A view of MarTech from both sides of the fence, Marketer & Vendor side is covered: 1) Comparison of investing in MarTech (and driving adoption/ROI) vs. selling martech in a 10K+ vendor landscape 2) Tips on driving MarTech adoption – an art called “internal Product Marketing” 3) 7 stages of MarTech governance to ensure you assemble a sensible MarTech stack. Plus, #AdTech industry priorities for 2019 & discussion why #Amazon’s ‘new-to-brand’ metric is a game-changer.  "Selling MarTech + Amazon's AdTech Disruption" of "Talking Stack" (Episode 32)...Listen Now

Seven Stages of MarTech Governance


9,000+ Software Solutions. $65B Funding.[1] 70+ Average Stack Size.[2] Budget at ~10% Company Revenue aka Tens or Hundreds of Millions.[3] 500,000 Agencies Worldwide.[4] At this level of Marketing Technology (“MarTech investment”), there is a great opportunity for governance…As a proponent and/or leader of MarTech governance in your organization, there are great opportunities to orchestrate its realization along with its substantial benefits. Below are seven common stages of MarTech governance that can be applied broadly…Read More

8 Most Important Factors When Buying Software

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Thoughts on most important factors when buying software. “Choose the software product vendor who is hungriest for YOU to win…Traditional vendors build maximum lock-in through closed technology and multi-year deals. Modern vendors earn loyalty through open technology, integrated customer success that feels like an extension of your team, and a dynamic product roadmap that has a competitive advantage now and in the future.” Detailed thoughts on this as well as factors from 7 other Marketing pros in this Databox article featuring Growth Marketing Advisors…Read More…

Secret Sauce of Customer Relationships

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Is it easy for you to have a 1-on-1 professional conversation? Do you have the IQ and EQ to do it well? Now repeat for hundreds or thousands or millions of customers. Still easy? This is Marketing. With many personas, situations, needs, and channels, this gets complex. Marketing Technology has made tremendous strides to navigate it, creating simple high-impact conversations at scale. I am more excited than ever to regularly have the privilege to manage these conversations, these customer relationships....Read More...

Modern Marketing Playbook


Let's start with definitions. "Marketing" is a company's activities to buy and sell a product or service (Investopedia). "Modern" refers to dynamic nature, changing each year as trends develop and alter (Captora). These trends have become increasingly related to technology. I will explain using a simple framework: Modern Marketing = Data + Smarts + People. Organize all Data about your business in one central location. Use Smarts to decide how & when to interact with People. (This is sometimes referred to as Data + Orchestration + Presentation layers but I'm skipping jargon in this article)...Read More...